About our Daycamp Program

We have small daycamp groups of only 10-20 dogs a day in 3000 sqft space.   We currently have three fenced areas that we use to separate dogs, this is to ensure dogs have appropriate play partners to maximize their fun!

We believe dogs need to have breaks throughout the day to avoid over exhaustion and social frustrations. 
We also use training and toys as enrichment throughout the day.

We have a safe outdoor fenced potty area and take dogs every hour outside to encourage good housebreaking manners.
Our daycamp is supervised by behavior specialists that teach dogs proper play skills.
Our cleaning procedures are strict, to help keep all of our daycamp dogs healthy.

Daycare hours are from 9am-4pm, we have allowed a 2 hour drop off time frame from 7am-9am. ALL dogs must be dropped off between 7am-9am, after 9am we will not accept late dogs. This insures that our daycare attendants can focus on the dogs play and safety. During drop off time your dog may be kenneled, so that we can safely admit all the daycamp visitors for the day. 
Pick up is between 4pm-6pm however we can accommodate earlier pick ups if they are booked in advance. Half day dogs must be dropped off between 7am-9am and picked up between 12pm-1pm.

Distemper/Parvo and Rabies vaccinations must be kept up to date for all daycamp visitors. 

Make sure to read the attached waiver before signing. 
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