We are a positive training school offering classes in puppy kindergarten, pet manners, agility, rally obedience, scent detection, competition obedience, tricks and more. We also have a number of mini workshops and weekend seminars hosted at our facility. With our wide variety of classes and workshops we have a program for every dog!

Offering over 5400 sq feet of play space in the agility room. Complete with foam agility flooring for superior traction and comfort. Agility room has a full set of competition quality agility equipment.

Our 1600 sq ft obedience room offers plenty of room for puppy classes, pet manners classes and sport classes.

Our instructors are chosen for their compassion, knowledge, experience and accomplishments in dog training and their field of dog sports.  Our instructors are judges, seasoned competitors, and top winning trainers.  They will help you bring out the best in your dog and accomplish all your training and competitive goals.

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Barn Hunt Novice/Open

Barn Hunt Novice/Open
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