To schedule behavior consulting or private training services please email
Please note registration closes 24hrs before the first class.

*Reservations Required – All ring usage must be reserved online in advance at our scheduling site at If you need assistance with making a reservation, please contact us at
*Promptness – Renters must be prompt in arriving/departing. Late arrivals will be charged for full rental time & must also leave once the original reservation time has expired.
Repeated infractions of this rule will result in a warning, and if it continues after a warning, inability to rent the facility.
*Cancellations – Renters not able to make their reservation time slot, must cancel at least 48hrs prior to the rental time to receive a full refund unless the cancellation falls under our weather or medical emergency policy.  (See that policy for more details.) Those making a rental appointment within 48 hours of the rental time will not receive a refund. 
*Required Forms - All persons renting the ring must sign an Acknowledgement of Risk, and our Waiver From Damages and/or Injury form prior to accessing the rings each year.
*Elimination Fee – This will be enforced for the turf and all common areas if any dog urinates/defecates inside the building. The fee is $15 and must be paid in full by the end of that day via cash, check or credit card. 

The matted area is excluded from this fee as long as the area is cleaned well with the provided materials. The exception is if your dog pees on the wall in any space, including matted, the fee is $5.

We remind you that we have cameras on the space. We ask you to be honest when renting , clean up after your dog, and pay the elimination fee if the accident was on the turf, any of the equipment in the agility area, or if it occurred in the common area or on walls in any area.
 * Moving EquipmentThe A-Frame & Dogwalk are not to be moved without an OSD faculty member present or overseeing the proper handling of equipment. A minimum of 2 people is required to move the teeter, as well as change the height on the A-Frame and raise/lower the Dogwalk. 
Any obstacle that is moved, has the height changed, or is otherwise different from when you arrived, is to be restored to its original position and place before you leave.
*Equipment Misuse – Any renter observed misusing equipment from surveillance cameras or by an OSD staff member or another person at the facility, will be asked to leave the premises & rental fees will not be refunded. OSD does not recommend anyone below the advanced beginner level of agility use equipment unsupervised. The renter is responsible for the full repair or replacement of any damaged equipment. OSD is not responsible for any injury to dog(s), handler(s), or observer(s) during rental time. The renter accepts all risk.

*Vaccinations/Titers - We require proof of vaccinations/titers to participate in classes, private coaching & ring rental reservations.  We follow the recommendation of the American Society of Veterinary Behaviorists, therefore puppies with their first vaccinations (usually given around 7-8 weeks of age) are welcome as long as you follow the vaccination series recommended by your veterinarian. For more information:

 Please note:  If we sustain repetitive damage to the space or equipment or become aware of untruthful reservations during our open & flexible reservation hours, we will require the person(s) responsible to leave. No refunds will be given.  Some examples are listed below but this list is not intended to be inclusive of all possibilities.
  • Renters who mistreat their dogs in any way deemed inappropriate by OSD.
  • Additional guests attending who are not listed on the reservation
  • Renters/additional guests not signing appropriate waivers/documents
  • Renters who are not sub-contractors or an approved OSD staff member providing instruction to others.
  • Renters who misuse the equipment, or overstay their time
  • Renters who create any cause for concern for the other businesses in the building, misuse the surrounding property, or create an unsafe space for other people or animals.
  • Renters who have consistently barking dogs which cause a disturbance to other classes or businesses. See the Barking Dog Policy.