At ROC Animal Training and Behavior we are not just dog trainers.

We are people teachers.
In order to be a part of Reactive Dog Club you must have already done private lessons or completed the Thriving with your Reactive Dog class. 

Reactive Dog Club Rules:

- Safety is going to be our number one priority. Please make sure your dog can not slip out of their collar/harness and their leash in good working order. Wearing two points of contact is recommended for the classes. 

- Each of the classes are going to be set up where the dogs are successful. Most classes will look very boring. But that is the training your dog needs at this point. We will spend some time working from our cars. We will spend some time just sitting or standing in areas. As each dog progresses then we will add to the exercises. Some dogs will be working at higher levels than others and that is okay. 
- This is an "all weather class" - We will have class unless there is storms, lightning, below 35 degrees or over 95 degrees. We recommend flea and tick prevention on dogs and proper attire for owners. Bring lots of water. Most places we will be working in the shade. 

- We reserve the right to ask any handler who is not following the rules to step out of class and/or be removed from Reactive Dog Club. If you are  unsure if your dog will do well in a class, please contact us before registering and we can decide together.

- Once you have registered for a class you will receive a confirmation, please check this over to make sure your registration is accurate with the date and time of the class you selected.

 - All dogs are required to have current vaccines for their age. Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella. (Titers are okay).
   Vaccines must be given by a veterinarian. If vaccine records are not provided then your dog will not be allowed in class. 

- If a dog has any diarrhea, vomiting, coughing or sneezing they can not come to class. 

- Reactive Dog Club is a monthly membership. You can cancel at anytime. Any unused classes for the month do not roll over to the next month. 

- Once you are a member of Reactive Dog Club you will be added to a Facebook Group and there is where the dates/times and locations of the classes will be held. There are a planned 6 classes a month. You can come to any of the classes.

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Terms and Conditions:

Payment is due prior to the start of training. Once services are booked, no refunds are given. You may reschedule up to one time before the class starts.

Trainer, at his/her sole discretion, may remove a pet from class if a hazard or threat of any nature to any other animal or person is present. No refund will be given under such circumstances.

Owner is responsible for the removal of excrement that their pet is responsible for.

I understand that attendance of any dog training consultation is not without risk to the public, my dog(s), and myself. I also understand that, despite all reasonable precautions, my dog(s), or another dog may be difficult to control and may be the cause of injury to myself, other people, or other dogs. By my signature below I acknowledge that I fully understand the dangers and risks involved in participating in the training that I have chosen to attend, and that I accept those risks.

As part of my considerations for participating in training with ROC Animal Training and Behavior, I agree to hold the instructor and/or assistant harmless and indemnify them from any claims of loss, damage, or injury that may occur to myself, my dog(s), or anyone else participating in or near the session at my request, while on the property of the business, within my home property, or in the general public.
While ROC Animal Training and Behavior shall make all reasonable efforts to safely contain the dog during the session, it is understood and agreed that in the event that the dog escapes from its owner, the instructor shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting there from, including but not limited to, any loss or injury to the dog.

In addition, I personally accept complete responsibility and liability for any such claim involving myself, my dog(s) and anyone attending the session at my request. I also personally assume responsibility for any negligence or damage caused by myself, my dog, or anyone attending the session at my request.
I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved in activities with and around dogs, and I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of potential dangers. I am aware that any dog, regardless of training, handling, or environmental circumstance, is capable of biting and I expressly acknowledge the risks therein.

By my signature below I also acknowledge that my dog(s) behavior now and in the future is solely my responsibility. Should any behavior on my dog(s) part now or in the future result in damage to myself, my property, family, children or the property, owners, children, or person of a third party, I agree to assume full liability for any and all such damage, and to absolve Jessi Lane of ROC Animal Training and Behavior from any and all obligations to pay such damage.

By signing below I also indicate my irrevocable consent to the use and/or publication by ROC Animal Training and Behavior of any video(s) or photograph(s) and all photographic negatives, prints, stills electronic media or reproductions provided by me or my family members or taken by ROC Animal Training and Behavior of my dogs. I understand that the photographs and/or video(s) may be used in public relations and marketing materials including, but not limited to, brochures, internet website, local or regional magazine advertisements and/or articles.

Furthermore, I understand that payment for the services of Jessi Lane of ROC Animal Training and Behavior is due at the time of service and is non-refundable. Payments for sessions scheduled in the future are also non-refundable unless extraordinary circumstances arise that prevent training to continue, and the responsibility of the decision for the returning of funds is solely on Jessi Lane of ROC Animal Training and Behavior.
This agreement shall inure to the benefit of and be binding on my heirs, successors, and personal representatives.

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